"If you think you can
or you think you can't,
you're right."

Henry Ford


"None of us is as good as
all of us."

Ray Krok
Founder of McDonald's


"It is the dull man
who is always sure.
The sure man
who is always dull."

H.L Menchen


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Land O' Lakes






Research indicated that for almost any meal preparation, people wanted a cheese that would melt easily, blend easily, spread easily.

Research also indicated that any cheese that could do all of these things must not be "natural."

The challenge, therefore, was to persuade the prospect that this "cooking cheese" is, indeed, "all natural."

A big part of this challenge was addressed by a jar that was painted to look like crockery, with a lid that looked like sealing wax.

Despite being a dollar more than Cheez Whiz, Spoonery Cheese significantly outscored Cheez Whiz in "value for the money."

The package design won the national Cleo Award for the "Best Food Package" in the U.S. in the year it was introduced.

The TV commercial that introduced this product holds the record for the highest day after recall of any commercial ever aired by
Land O' Lakes.