"If you think you can
or you think you can't,
you're right."

Henry Ford


"None of us is as good as
all of us."

Ray Krok
Founder of McDonald's


"It is the dull man
who is always sure.
The sure man
who is always dull."

H.L Menchen


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Ivanko Barbell Company






Since its founding in 1967, Ivanko Barbell Company has created most of the innovations in the weight lifting industry.

But in 1993, a new competitor came on the scene offering weight plates with grip slots in them. Although such plates had existed for almost a hundred years, this competitor claimed to have invented them. They used this claim to persuade the Helath Club Industry that they were the new innovators in the category. The Clubs bought the story and Ivanko lost their innovator position overnight.

The magazine ad above was Ivanko's first salvo fired to reassert their leadership position.

Today, Ivanko Barbell Company is the market share leader in weight lifting equipment worldwide.