"If you think you can
or you think you can't,
you're right."

Henry Ford


"None of us is as good as
all of us."

Ray Krok
Founder of McDonald's


"It is the dull man
who is always sure.
The sure man
who is always dull."

H.L Menchen


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Strategic Thinking

]The following "Thought Pieces" on various topics have been published online.

How some see opportunities
that others overlook.

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"Why don't we just..."
Why "good enough" is
never good enough.
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Who's your Daddy?
No matter how good you are,
the marketplace is always in charge.
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Ice Water
The breakthrough you're waiting for
may be a very simple idea.
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Even in a down economy
there are new needs & new opportunities.
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The Big Promise
Even if you have a Big Promise to make,
still position it as a small change.
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