"If you think you can
or you think you can't,
you're right."

Henry Ford


"None of us is as good as
all of us."

Ray Krok
Founder of McDonald's


"It is the dull man
who is always sure.
The sure man
who is always dull."

H.L Menchen


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Web Site Development

We are not web site designers who design web sites. We are marketing people who design web sites.
Our greatest critics are other web site designers and developers who tell us that our web sites don't look like other web sites.
That is our intention- to stand out from the crowd.

José Joe's Web Site

José Joe's was launched in February of 2014 as a place
where you could get burgers and burritos under one roof,putting an end
to family disputes over where to go, a burger jpint or a burrito joint.


While many restaurant web sites feature a slide show of menu items and decor,
this site takes it a step further with a "story" behind each photo, all set to music


The web site visitor decides bail/no bail within 5 seconds.
If they can't quickly figure out what you do,
or they see too much copy, they bail.


Professional networking groups are a dime a dozen, and sometimes crushingly boring.
The purpose of this web site was the idea that when you love what you are doing
you make a lot more money and have a lot more fun.


Health Club owners are deathly afraid of losing their members to the
place down the street or across town. So they are constantly searching for
the holy grail of equipment that will tilt the membership wars in their favor.


It is important to generate a "lets call these guys!!" response
within 10 -15 seconds of the site popping into view.

The sole purpose of this web site is to get visitors to fill out the form.
It purposely omits any flashy visuals that would distract the visitor
from an effortless journey through the informatio to the intended action.


If a restaurant web site accomplishes one thing, it is to provide
all the visual and verbal cues to generate a "let's go there!!" response.

An artist in Antwerp, Belgium had been making hand made boxes, booklets,
and picture frames, Everyone kept asking her if she had a web site.
We took it a step further and named her artwork "Nooks," and
positioned it as "Special Places for Cherished Possessions."


The 5 & 20 Grille is in the middle of nowhere, but "on the way" between
several population centers. So the idea is not to ask people to travel out of their way to eat here,
but to suggest it as a great place to stop wheneer they are on their way to anywhere.

but to


"Spend an hour of your life trying to figure out why you should call us" is the
underlying message on many web sites. With the average web site visit of 2-1/2 minutes,
you've got to simplify and organize your information into a quick and easy spoon feed.


The Arlington Restaurant in Hilton NY has no advantage in look or "atmosphere,"
so the web site focuses on the outstanding food from fresh ingredients and scratch cooking




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