"If you think you can
or you think you can't,
you're right."

Henry Ford


"None of us is as good as
all of us."

Ray Krok
Founder of McDonald's


"It is the dull man
who is always sure.
The sure man
who is always dull."

H.L Menchen


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In a downward economic spiral, you can think thoughts of woe, or you can think thoughts of “Whoa! There’s still serious money to be made out there! ”

Walmart is making money. McDonald’s is making money. There are opportunities to sell low.

There are also opportunities to sell high. Some people still have money. The showroom at the local Ford dealer is nothing but Shelby GT Mustangs selling as fast as they can get them in.

The local fitness equipment store is selling the most expensive treadmills and just starting to bring in the most expensive home gyms.

There are opportunities for "inexpensive luxuries." You can’t afford a new Mercedes, but for under $10, you can still impress your friends with Stella Artois.

Starbucks could have been booming if they


had used advertising to position themselves as an inexpensive luxury, but they thought they were above advertising, so the consumer was left to think of them as an expensive commodity that costs less at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Another area of opportunity is “experience replacements.” You can’t jump on a plane to Cancun, but you might be lured to an “event” designed to take the place of those bygone destinations. A restaurant might put on a Polynesian adventure themed, “Take the Bus to Bora Bora.”

Take a step back and imagine what people are missing, what they are doing without. There is demand there. It’s a little different, but it represents opportunities nonetheless.

“While you’re at it, why dontcha come over to the house and crack open a Stella.” What? You've never heard of Stella Artois? Let me turn you onto it. I'm a connoisseur of fine brew.